Zest Ethiopia Tours | The Karo Peoples
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The Karo Peoples

karoThe Karo People speak Omotic language group. They live east of Omo River in three main villages: Dus, Korcho, and Labuk. Dus is the largest, ritual and ceremonial village of Karo People. The karo breed only small number of cattles because of tsetse flies. They keep some of their cattles with their neighbor Hamer. They depend up on the silt deposition of Omo River, fish and apiculture. The Karo pass through the leaping ceremony like Hamer. The Karo are considered as the masters of body painting.


Murelle Controlled Hunting Areas – It is wide savanna plain where hunting takes place. Grant’s gazelle, giraffes, black rhinos, zebras are some of the animas, which can be seen. Abundant species of birds are found in the area too. Fore examples, bateleur, dark chanting goshawk, eastern pale chanting goshawk, secretary bird, vulturine guineafowl, carmine bee eaters, barbets, bush-shrikes, white browed sparrow weavers, and many others can be seen.