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Land of Black Samurai 7 Days

Tour Overview


Western Ethiopia


Western Ethiopia is a truly extraordinary place to visit with superb scenery and colorful culture. The fascinating costumes, colorful ceremonies and celebrations, arts, crafts, music and dance of Gambela, and Surma people along with the natural forests in the western part will be visited. The Nuer people are known by body scarification. The Surma people are renowned for the strange custom followed by their women who, on reaching maturity, have their lower lips slit and circular or rectangular clay discs inserted. Surma men are known by the stick fighting, called Donga.


Tour Itinerary


Day 01: Visit Ambo, Wonchi and Guder falls then proceed to Nekemte.


Day 02: Today drive about 330kms and visit Kumusa Moroda century palace and Wolega Museum.


Day 03: Drive for about 50kms from Nekemte and visit the Dedessa valley, the Dedessa river fall, wild life and bird watching, five tribes and fishing.


Day 04: Drive to Gimbi, and visit the organic coffee plantation area, traditional gold miners in Nejo and Assosa.


Day 05: Dhati-Walal National park located in Kelem, near to Dembi Dolo.


Day 06: Drive to Gambela and visit the Gambela National Park


Day 07: Then return back through another route Gore-Mizan Teferi (visiting Surma) –Jimma and Addis Ababa.



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