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Feel Cool at Dallol for 18 Days

Tour Overview

The part of the world, which is called the Danakil Depression, is one of the remotest, lowest and unique land formations of the world in the Great Rift Valley system. Still it is part of the earth which is unstable and pulling each other to the opposite side. In this adventure you will explore Erta Alle, absolutely unique Lava Lake erupting 24 hours and Dalol, the lowest part of Danakil Depression (116 below sea level) extremely hottest and inhospitable place but enjoyable and extraordinary colorful landscape. It is famous for its fascinating fumaroles amazing rock formations, crystal and mineral deposits. The final part of your adventure takes you to Lake Asale, famous salt mining lake and visits to salt workers when cutting, shaping and loading. Besides, salt merchants along with their endless Camel Caravans will be visited.


Dallol depression is renowned as the hottest place on earth, with an average temperature of 34-35 Celsius, most of this vast practically unpopulated region lies below sea dipping to a frazzled nadir of -116 meters at Dallol near Lake Asale, the lowest spot of terra firma on the African continent. One of the driest and most tectonically active areas on the planet, the Danakil is an area of singular fascination: a strange lunar landscape studded with active volcanoes and vast salt encrusted basins.


The most regularly visited volcanic range in the Danakil is Ertale, Ertale is not only most remarkable but also noted as being the most active volcano in Africa having hosted a permanent lava lake for longer than one hundred twenty years. Ertale has been in a state of continuous eruptions sine at least 1967, when scientific observations commenced.


 Unmatched Adventure


Five packages over all and the itineraries have to be retouched, and each picture and itineraries layout has to be checked.

  • Feel cool at the hottest spot on earth
  • Unmatched bonanza of geological infants
  • An active expanse of geological infants
  • Adventure week near geological marvels
  • A glimpse to timeless jewels of Ethiopian past, a moment of geological fascination, and walk amongst pieces of chess at the chessboard of the gods.
  • 9 days adventure amidst geological infants
  • A package of Eastern circuit archeology and a mix of history in just 9 days at the Afar which is the upper rift system and further up at the eastern highlands as a breather when visiting Harar.
  • Full 9 days surface journey at a depression where giants once trodden
  • An interwoven feature of society displaying a spiritual beauty! Peace
  • A visit to a moving display of spiritual fabric
  • Moving fabric of the east
  • Dressed in spiritual oneness
  • Combining pinnacles of eastern highlands in just five days


Tour Itinerary


Day 1 – Drive to Awash National park on the way visit Debre Zeit, crater lakes, before reaching the town of Metahara, observe the large fields of volcanic lava and lake Beseka where crocodiles and plenty of birds are observed, proceeding further to awash national park, we will come across wildlife such as Beissa Oryx, gazelles, warthogs, overnight lodge.


Day 2 – Morning observe games like lions, beissa Oryx, warthogs, lesser kudu etc… around the lodge; one can have an early morning swim in the hot spring as well, then proceed to Semera, overnight hotel/ camping.


Day 3 – Morning  drive to semera and receive permit papers from tourism office  and drive to Afdera, afternoon visit the salt mining in the lake, overnight camping at Afdera.


Day 4 – Drive Afdera to Dodom 60km base camp, this is the place where you will arrange camels/mules to transport your luggage and water evening start trek to Erta-Ale admire the active volcano, Overnight camping at around


Day 5 – Full Day at the top of the rim take a good rest and evening again admire Erta-Ale temperature of this active volcanic lake is over 3000 degrees centigrade, overnight camping around.


Day 6 – Early start trekking back to Dodom base camp meet the car and drive to Hamedela after Camping in the early evening observe the caravan from the camping sight, overnight camping Hamedela.


Day 7 – Morning excursion to Dallol to visit the salt extraction by the Afar and Tigre people, lunch break, continue to visit the minerals bubbles out, and the lowest spot 120 meter below sea level, overnight camping Hamedela.


Day 8 – Drive to Mekelle passing the small settlement of the Berhale town for COLD soft drink stop, overnight hotel in Mekele .


Day 9 – Morning drive to Ger-Alta cluster to visit the rock churches of Tigrai, overnight Adigrat at a hotel.


Day 10 – Morning head to Axum on the way visit the Debre Damo monastery (only men) climb a rope to reach the monastery dated back to the 6th century, after lunch head to Yeha small settlement to visit the 5th century B.C pagan temple dedicated to moon, Overnight hotel in yeha .


Day 11 – Full day visit the town of Axum stelae field with the museum, the tomb of Kaleb and Gebre Meskel and Ezana inscription. After lunch break heading to St. Mary cathedral with the museum and the Sheba palace and swimming pool, overnight hotel axum.


Day 12 – Morning drives to simian Mountain National Park on the way admire the magnificent Tekeze valley and the escarpment of the park, overnight camping/Lodge.


Day 13 – Drive to Chenek, and then trek to Buhiet Ras. Observe the endemic Wali Ibex and Gelada baboon with their outstanding habitat, overnight camping at Chenek.


Day 14 – Morning have time in the National Park for short hike ,then drive to Gonder on the way visit the Ethiopian Jews ,overnight Gondar in a hotel.


Day 15 – Full day explore Gonder, the royal compound with the bath of Fasiladas .after lunch break Debre Berhan Selase church and the Qusquam complex, overnight Gondar in a hotel.


Day 16 – Drive to Bahir Dar after check in to hotel, head to Blue Nile fall (Tiss Isat) 32 km to admire the fall, overnight Bahir Dar in a hotel.


Day 17 – Full day boat cruise in Lake Tana (the largest lake in Ethiopia with a total area of 3600 sq.km and the official source of Blue Nile) to spot the medieval monasteries on the spotted islands on the lake.


Day 18 – Morning drive back to Addis on the way you will visit the Nile gorge and the 13th century founded by an Ethiopian monk called Abune Teklehymanit. Evening cultural dinner in traditional restaurant then departure



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