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Colors of Peace 5 days and 4 nights

Tour Overview

A trip to eastern Ethiopia is a journey that tickles the heart, boggles the mind and challenges the soul – no less than that. In stark contrast to the green, densely populated, Christian highlands, the east is largely arid, wild, low-lying and Muslim.  The old walled city of Harar, (the fourth Islamic holiest city) which seems straight out of a story from the Arabian Nights lies in this route. This gem of a place is shrouded with a palpable historical aura that will appeal to culture vultures. And after nightfall, the hard-to-believe ritual feeding of the Harar hyenas will leave you gasping in awe.


The Awash National Park, with its outstanding birdlife, offers ample compensation and the lower awash valley is where the fossil of Lucy unearthed in 1974 and it justifies Ethiopia’s claim to be the cradle of human kind. For wannabe National Geographic wanderers, the seemingly endless ribbon of bitumen leading northeast to Asaita offers opportunities for remote exploration. Follow Wilfred Thesiger’s steps and head to the mesmerizingly desolate area known as the southern Danakil region, which is home to the fascinating Afar people and remains adamantly off the beaten track.

Tour Itinerary

Day 1: Arrival in Addis Ababa and, city tour of Addis

Drive to ethnographic museum: – where you see the color full cultural artifacts of the nations and nationality of Ethiopia, then we will have a drive to national museum. Lastly we will have a drive to merkato, the greatest open air market in east Africa. Overnight stay in hotel

Day 2: Drive to Awash National park

Early in the morning you will have a drive to awash national park and you will have a visit of different birds and mammals. Overnight stay in Hotel

Day 3: Drive from Awash National Park to Harar

Drive to the fourth Islamic holy city of the world. At the evening visit the hyena’s man feeding. Overnight stay in hotel

Day 4: City tour of Harar

Walls and the colorful market, the famous French poet Rimbaud’s glass house.  Overnight stay in hotel                                          


Day 5: Drive from Harar to Addis Ababa and evening departure

In the morning you will have a drive to Addis Ababa, en route we will have a time to enjoy in sodere.


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