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Blue Nile Falls

blue_nileTis Isat known as Blue Nile Falls near the Tis Abay town “Smoky Water”, a waterfall on the Blue Nile river in Ethiopia. Situated about 30 km downstream from the town of Bahir Dar and the Lake Tana. Blue Nile Falls are considered one of Ethiopia’s best known tourist attraction.


The falls are estimated to be 45 metres high, consisting of four streams that varied from a trickle in the dry season to over 400 metres wide in the rainy season. Tis Isat, the Blue Nile Falls  have isolated ecology Lake Tana from to the rest of the Blue Nile.


The falls after the rainy season in September is dropping over a sheer chasm more than 45 metres deep, the falls throw up a continuous spray of water droplets which drench onlookers up to a kilometer away. This misty deluge produces rainbows that shift and shimmer across the gorge, and a perpetual forest of lush green vegetation much to the delight of the innumerable monkeys and coloured birds that inhabit the gorge.


It’s only a few minute drive from the lakeside town of Bahir Dar, across the Blue Nile Bridge, to the spot where the famous Blue Nile river flows out of Lake Tana. The Blue Nile Falls are about 35 kilometres south of the Bahir Dar, the best approached is from Tis Abay town, a market settlement of the Amhara people who live in this area, farming crops as: sorghum and teff.


Leaving the Tis Abay town, the footpath drops into a deep basaltic rift spanned by an ancient fortified stone bridge, built in the 16th century by Portuguese explorers. After a 15 minute walk, a stiff climb up a grassy hillside is then rewarded by superb view of the Blue Nile Falls.


The site overlooking the waterfall has been visited over the years by many notable travelers, including the Scottish traveller James Bruce, travel writer who spent more than a dozen years in North Africa and Ethiopia, and recently by the Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II.