Zest Ethiopia Tours | Abiyatta Shalla Lakes National Parks
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Abiyatta Shalla Lakes National Parks

abiyataIt is founded in Shewa its geographic location is in rift valley and 200 km south Addis Ababa.Two different lakes: The two lakes are very different in character. Abiyatta is shallow at about 14 meters (260 meters (853 feet) and is calculated to hold a greater volume of water than all of the Ethiopian Rift valley lakes put together. Abiyatta is surrounded by gentle, grass covered slopes and swathed in acacia woodlands. Shalla exudes a sense of mystery and foreboding, surrounded as it is by steep, black cliffs and peaks that reflect in its deep waters, which are liable to be whipped up by sudden storms and flurries of wind. It contains nine small, is located islands, rarely visited since there are no boats on the lake.

These islands provide an excellent breeding ground for many bird species. Bird’s life-299 species, including six ends views. Park created for the water birds, especially Great white pelican, greater and lesser flamingo, cormorants. Visiting facilities, Hotels both government and Private are available on nearby lake Langano.