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Welcome - Zest Ethiopia Tours and Travels

In just over three weeks of journey across Ethiopia, one will have a rare chance of travelling back in time both spiritually and also physically as both extremes are what formed Ethiopia in the first place. “The Gems of Ethiopia journey” combines an experience from a time of pre-history, Ethiopia holding fossilized evidences showcasing uninterrupted six million years stretching archeological past of human race- unearthed from the underground ancestral womb-in its vast expanse of rift system.


The gracious stature of Axumite Obelisks and civilization monuments, Ark of the Covenant (The hand writings of GOD) Proud pure altar at Axum tsion-a relic of unmatched significance, Eleven Rock-hewn churches, Rocks sculpted Depictions of Gospel by King Lalibela eight hundred years back, Gonadarian Royal castles in medieval city of Gondar, several Island Monasteries on Lake Tana, the largest lake of Ethiopia and a source of Nile, a river that fed Human civilization, wondering across the Dominantly placed chees pieces of Gods at Semien Mountains National Park and further South across the Rift Valley low laying Stretch sets Bale Mountains National Park.




About Us – Zest Ethiopia Tours

Zest Tour and Travel P.L.C a reputable, well-established young company, is founded with the head office in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. The company was happening by two passionate business partners raising 6 million ETB with a strong and keen interest to share their knowledge of Ethiopian tourism with all international travel establishments and travelers and with high motivation to organize all types of tour in Ethiopia.

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Ethiopia is famous for having the most unparalleled riches and historical legacy in Sub-Saharan Africa!